Because we are engineers in atmospheric chemistry and environmental chemistry

Because our acquired skills allow us to act in different fields such as the anticipation of the construction or the renovation, the analysis follow-up of all types of buildings like ERP, tertiary buildings...

Because we consider your environment through: the place, the occupants, the habits, the flow of people, the materials...

Because we have developed our support capabilities by performing indoor air quality diagnoses.


Lamia Mialet

Engineer in atmospheric chemistry and graduate in entrepreneurship and innovation management 


Charles Cornille

Engineer in environmental chemistry former founder of Indoor Exp'Air specialized in indoor air quality diagnosis



It all began in 2014 following an observation: The issue
of the indoor air quality is growing.

Being chemical engineers but above all passionate about new technologies in the Internet of Things, we decided to go for this entrepreneurial adventure named CozyAir

Our goal is to offer you a support service associated
with a connected tool to improve together your indoors environments